Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kays Pumpkin 2008

This is the pumpkin my oldest did. We love Jeff Dunham. I happen to find the patterns for his puppets on-line. If you've never seen his act, check it out. You can see lots of his stuff on you tube. We were able to him live this past summer and he is hysterical.
I was going to do this pumpkin myself but she wanted to do it.
She pretty much did the entire thing her self. I had to help very little on Peanuts eyes and I wrote the letters for the names. Other then that, she did it all. Not only was this her first pumpkin of this type of carving, she put both patters on the same pumpkin.
I think she did an amazing job..... and she carves stamps too! Can't imagine where she gets it from. LOL :)

Thanks for checking out our pumpkin for 2008. I'm looking so forward to see what 2009 will bring.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More 2008 Pumpkins

These last few days have been totally crazy. Trying to get pumpkins done, putting together the haunted house to scare the trick or treaters... UGH. but its November now and I get an entire extra hour to sleep tonight.
This first Pumpkin the the image my son picked to be carved. He loves Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a pretty easy pattern to carve however the kids tried to help by tracing out the pattern... it took an extra hour just to sort out all the lines they made. After all the hard work... it came out great. I added the 'YO HO YO HO' just for an added touch.

Next was the image my youngest chose. The hunted house. There are many versions of this pattern. I liked the way this one looked the best. She helped do some of the carving. My son worked on this one a little too. Unlike the haunted house I carved last year, this one had much much more detail. A little time consuming but well worth it. This is the one the trick or treaters liked the most. The 'Happy Halloween' was a last minute free hand addition. I'm glad the words were added.
I have one more pumpkin to add. Not one that I carved... but the one my daughter did. Check back later to check it out!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Twilight Pumpkin

WOW. This carving pumpkins thing is awesome! I'm having so much fun. I had soooo many patterns this year I wanted to do and really had to narrow it down. I also had to let the little kids pick what they wanted. UGH the nerve of having to let the children help. (that was sarcasm lol)

As some of you may know, I'm a huge Twilight fan. I read all the book and even read Twilight twice. (it was much better the second time around after reading all the others) This year was the year for a Twilight Pumpkin.

I looked online for a pattern and couldn't find one. Well, I made the movie poster into a stamp image (twice) why not make a pumpkin pattern. This is something I had never done, but why not try.

Although it took longer to get the pattern ready from the picture then to actually carve it, I'm stoked with the result. This is by far my favorite pumpkin yet of all the ones I've ever done. So now I present to you my Twilight 2008 pumpkin! (do you love the dramatic affect? hehe)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So far this year I've carved 2 pumpkins and I have 4 more to carve. (I got a really great deal on pumpkins at stop and shop) I'm doing all real ones this year (as I've done every year) but think I may try fake ones for next year. I hate that you put all this work into them and they last a week... if you're lucky. I have learned a bunch of secrets about how to make your pumpkin live longer.
This is my first portrait pumpkin. This is a picture of one of my bosses. I took the picture and turned it into a pattern... no easy task but I did it. I transfered the image and carved it according to the pattern... Surprisingly it only took about 40 minutes to carve this. It didn't look like much. I figured I screwed up royally. But then I lit it up. wow. it actually looks like her. I'll be bringing it to her school where she can display it there for the week. I've since added her name in a bow across the top of this pumpkin but didn't think it appropriate to post that here:)

I next carved this next pumpkin for my mom. She picked the pattern. I told her... pick any pattern, I can do any of them. I printed and transfered the image. Holy crap. 2 hours later the image was carved. It was hard and tedious, but I did it. Its not quite as clean as I had wanted but overall I think it came out OK.
This next pumpkin was more then a joke then anything else. After carving moms pumpkin, I asked how her other half liked it. She said he loved it and wished he had a Patriots one. Well if that doesn't sound like a request, and another excuse to carve a pumpkin. LOL. As she was talking about a patriots pumpkin.. a vision of a Patriots helmet popped into my head. Wait. I can turn a pumpkin into a helmet.... right? So thats what I did. I bought a little pumpkin... after all, I already carved them a big huge one, and made it in into a football helmet, complete with the New England Patriots logo. Not bad for an hour pumpkin!


This was my first attempt at the 'shading' technique. My first tri colored pumpkin. For a first try I think its OK. I love haunted houses. I plan on carving a haunted house for 2008, we'll see.

This was my pride and joy pumpkin of 2007. The Red Sox won the worlds series and Red Sox Nation was in full Swing. This was a pattern I made myself... well it wasn't a premade pumpkin carving pattern. I just found the Red Sox logo as well as world series logo and carved away. This pumpkin spent a few days at the High School, where I was working at the time. I wish I had done this in 3 colors but I did shading with no 'cut throughs' I love this pumpkin but next year when they win in '09 I'll carve it much better :)


Dated 1999 I totally remember carving this one. I was 8 months pregnant and this pumpkin weighed a ton... OK well not really a ton but when you're that huge and tired... it felt like it. I drew this image out on the pumpkin. No pattern this time. For my level of carving way back when, I don't think its too bad... lol OK, maybe a little


I found this picture. I had to scan it into the computer. Thats so weird to me. So anyhow, its dated 1996 and I remember carving this. This was the first year I discovered patterns.
Not a very good carving but its a picture I'm glad to have.